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Further, creation of the concept of reforming of health care based on priority problems is necessary. Territories have to know accurately that it is necessary to develop first of all that in the second turn, on what directions it is necessary to concentrate those minimum resources which are in territories.

The third section includes three subsections. In the first the general concept about fund of obligatory medical insurance and about its components is given, and also the creation purpose, objects, subjects and participants of compulsory health insurance Fund is defined. Waugh-second sources of formation of compulsory health insurance fund. In the third the order of relationship of Kalininskoye LLP with compulsory health insurance fund is specifically specified in it the order of registration in Fund and an order of assignment of contributions to Fund is considered.

Medical insurance is a form of social protection of interests of the population in case of loss of health for any reason. This type of insurance is connected with a compensation for expenses of the citizens caused by receiving medical care, and also other expenses connected with maintenance of health.

Besides, the system of the address of means of compulsory health insurance accepted earlier assumed that on the way between compulsory health insurance and medical institution surely there has to be an insurance company. It would seem, what difference, the main thing - money reach to destination. But it not absolutely so, after all people work at each site of a chain, a certain infrastructure which demands considerable expenses is created.