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The fifth part of the territory of Monaco is occupied with gardens and parks. There are landings of olive, a fig, pomegranate, almonds, a pistachio, a persimmon. Grow up bananas, oranges, lemons, tangerines. The Japanese medlar and camphoric laurels from Japan, an aloe, cactuses, agaves from North and South America, eucalyptuses from Australia are introduced.

On the mountain slope turned to the sea, the small garden kindled by different exotic plants is laid out, generally are cactuses, various forms and the sizes. There is a pond with goldfishes and a monument to the prince Albert I - to the founder of oceanography. Here we met a huge and motley baby bird of an albatross (the baby bird - about a well-fad cat is good!), which hobbled on lawns and very plaintively cried before tourists, obviously eliciting food. His parents were found right there, sitting on a fnarny column and heart-rendingly calling the offspring. But this" the poor fellow" as soon as marked them, fast, from all the webby paws bustled away!

On Tuesday, September 14, at doors of chamber of Grace, doctor Shatlen met Renye, Carolina and Albert. The doctor showed them pictures and results of scanning and explained that Grace's condition worsens. The doctor declared that the state it is hopeless. Renye and children conferred and accepted a verdict of stars of medicine. They said goodbye to Grace, and then left her on care of the doctor. The device of artificial providing was switched-off.

The kermesovy and stone oak, stone pine, black and alepsky pine, box, juniper, olive, fig and other typical representatives of the Mediterranean flora are widespread in the woods. In Monaco also dwarfish palm tree, a pine seaside, an Atlas Cedar and oaks pith, bukovidny, voylochnolistny meet.

Of 3000 inhabitants of Monaco the most part is made by foreigners (for example, French), aboriginals, about 00 Official language is the French, primordial traditional Monaco language - very figurative dialect on which, generally speaks, the senior generation. The monetary unit which is in circulation - the French franc.

The truck driver Yves Philly going behind "rover" saw that the car suddenly instead of slowing down, started accelerating on one of turns of the serpentine and therefore did not fit into turn and departed too much abysses.

"Rover" flew up in air over a steep abyss about 45 meters in depth. The car several times turned over and fell wheels up. Grace was brought to Monegasque hospital. Stefanie, all in bruises and hysterically sobbing, went for mother.

To make idea of the principality sizes, it is possible to walk, for example, on ENEA. However, our ENEA is all the same 17 hectares more spacious. And in the territory of the Moose island the place for 58 such principalities quite would be enough.

Grace left, having pledged to parents the word that will not meet Richardson. But in the first evening of the return to New York it violated the promise. Grace and Don again were together, but fear that the father learns about everything, soared over lovers constantly. Eventually, and it happened. Once Jack Kelly appeared suddenly to Richardson's apartment and told to it many any words. Their meetings became more and more seldom, and after Don learned that he is not the only object of attachment of Grace.

Renye looked for to himself the spouse. To it already was for thirty and dynastic need demanded to bring the successor into world. The prince felt that him is insuperable attracts to Grace who made impression of the serious, reliable and honest woman.

At Grace and Renye the love story to which Jack Kelly hardly could already prevent was begun. Their mutual feelings were so frank, and eyes simply shone happiness. Eventually, the prince made Grace the proposal and she answered "yes".

The crown prince Albert, besides management of finance, is the patron of rally of Monte-Carlo, tennis tournaments, annual festivals of circus and magic. The princess Caroline solemnly opens exhibitions and festivals, organizes charitable balls. In many respects thanks to her efforts it was succeeded to revive the well-known ballet seasons of Monte-Carlo at which origins Dyagilev stood. Her younger sister Stephanie patronizes a platform and model business.

Little Grace tested special attachment first of all to the father. Its character and an image had strong impact on Grace's formation. But will power, a business grasp, persistence in achievement of the purpose were enclosed in souls of the children by mother.