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The social structure is extremely difficult. Its are social communities, i.e. groups of people, on any sign which cover all possible states and forms of life of the person. It follows from this that a social community - concept difficult. In the real grant the social community is understood as any rather steady association of people on the basis of various communications, for example, the territory of accommodation, a, culture, possession of material values, etc.

— social roles and their features (people with the high level of an perform mainly mental work, with low level - a physical, living in the cities - generally in the industry, in rural areas - are occupied in economy, etc.);

It should be noted that all called types of social activity always of a, and interpenetrate each other. Thus, the social sphere really and is shown in society in and difficult human activity. In it its features. Therefore it would be incorrect to represent public life so that in it somewhere in one measurement there are social communities, their communications, and in other - activity of millions. No, all social sphere is and there is no other than a side, the party, part of activity of people.

Social activity is an activity, on an of public requirements. Of course, people are engaged in self-reproduction, self-healing, a, themselves feed and entertain. However the, preservation of life, activities, direct service of the person - so important public issue that society cannot completely it to certain people, a family. Society in this process through education systems, health care, rest and and social service of the citizens.